About Us

Penny Bannerman


I travelled extensively round Europe and working in London for over 2 years,before returning to to South Africa. I then studied tourism at College for 1 year.My chosen career not only turned out as a career +,but a total commitment.

After 6 years consulting to clients and building a client base ,and learning every aspect of Retail Travel,I ended up running various offices in retail whilst doing specialised tours for the next 9 years .
I was seconded to London to start a new South African Retail division at the on start of the 1st Gulf war ,got the company up and running before being brought back to South Africa in just under 2 years to open a Retail office in the Cape,which I ran for 7 years.

From the onset of my career till 1999 I did as many travel related short courses I could from Fare Structures to the business Management course before being head hunted to do product development and brochures,by Md Mr W Puk at Sure Tours.I worked at Sure from August 1999 – March 2007, 8 years.

In July 2007 I joined Far East Tours. I did product development there until I left in 2013. I attend 3-4 travel markets yearly and have done for 20 years, I intend to help in the making of a better world for the next generation travel wise.

Specialties: Networking worldwide,branding and identity negotiation, and the ability to pick the most unusual experiences in a country,bringing the travellers dream to a reality with added value. I have a photographic memory when it comes to Hotels and places.

Paula Job

For those that know me in the industry a hearty greeting and for those that don’t just a little feedback on myself. I have been in the travel industry for over sixteen years. I worked in wholesale for ICAN Holidays with FIT, groups and incentives. I am passionate about travel and my travel zone is based on integrity and showing true value to clients.

I have been to Miami, London, Greece, New Orleans, Cozumel, Playa del Carmen, Singapore, Phuket, Libya, India, Mauritius, Barcelona, Italy, Moscow and Dubai. I love South America and am completely fascinated with Vietnam and The Philippines as well as Cuba so there is so much more out there. Continual growth and thinking out the box is the reason for myself having joined Curious Traveller.