About Us

Penny Bannerman


I travelled extensively round Europe and working in London for over 2 years,before returning to to South Africa. I then studied tourism at College for 1 year.My chosen career not only turned out as a career +,but a total commitment.

After 6 years consulting to clients and building a client base ,and learning every aspect of Retail Travel,I ended up running various offices in retail whilst doing specialised tours for the next 9 years .
I was seconded to London to start a new South African Retail division at the on start of the 1st Gulf war ,got the company up and running before being brought back to South Africa in just under 2 years to open a Retail office in the Cape,which I ran for 7 years.

From the onset of my career till 1999 I did as many travel related short courses I could from Fare Structures to the business Management course before being head hunted to do product development and brochures,by Md Mr W Puk at Sure Tours.I worked at Sure from August 1999 – March 2007, 8 years.

In July 2007 I joined Far East Tours. I did product development there until I left in 2013. I attend 3-4 travel markets yearly and have done for 20 years, I intend to help in the making of a better world for the next generation travel wise.

Specialties: Networking worldwide,branding and identity negotiation, and the ability to pick the most unusual experiences in a country,bringing the travellers dream to a reality with added value.
I have a photographic memory when it comes to Hotels and places.